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  • The Tara Comes Alive

    With a blend of digital photography and a great appreciation for the age-old art of thangka paintings, the 21 Taras are being created by Wordmarque. At present seven are complete, with seven more in the works, as part of a project set in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

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    Angels & Mystics

    Located in "The Land Of Deities" this contemporary Himalayan art exhibit blends the seemingly opposite faiths associated with Christian Angels and Buddhist Mystics, as a celebration of the feminine divine and its transcendental properties.

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    Rays of Light & Sacred Spirits

    Buddhist teachings may connect enlightenment with the means for one to fly. This exhibit embodies western interpretation of eastern exploration including this dreamlike ability to soar.

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    DigiXPress Online Custom Printing

    Wordmarque has teamed with printing online: a custom commercial printer, offering reliable, high-quality print solutions with unparalleled customer service. is built on the same trusted and award-winning quality standards.

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    Wordmarque to Design Museum Site

    New Redesign: The Tibetan Mongolian Museum Society is a civic league of concerned international citizens who wish to advocate museum exhibition of Asian art from ancient Mongolia and the Greater Himalayan Region.

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